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[Daily Bleed]: 9/2 Henry George

I will write peace

on your wings

& you will fly

all over the


— Sadako Sasaki

Daily Bleed in full,


"...wealth concentrated in the hands of a few
corrupts on one side & degrades on the other."



1192 -- England: Peace signed between King Richard I
"the Lionhearted," & Saladin; end of 3rd Crusade.

1752 -- England: Last day of Julian calendar in Britain, British
colonies. Authorities steal another 11 days...

English workers riot, demanding back the time stolen
from them by the authorities. (We're talking years, not mere

1839 -- Economic critic Henry George lives

1854 -- Norway: Hans Henrik Jaeger, writer & anarchist &
important friend & influence on Edvard Munch, lives
(1854-1910), Drammen.

"Your face holds all the love in
the world. Moonlight steals across
your face so full of Earthly
beauty and Grief. For now Death
extends her hands of Life and a
band is made between the
thousands of generations who are
dead and the thousands of
generations who are to come."

— Edvard Munch

1872 -- Hague Congress of the First International, September 2-7, 1872.

It is here that Marx & Engels determine it is better to kill the
International than allow the growing anti-authoritarian
influence to gain control.

Under the thumb of Karl Marx, the Congress confirms the principal
resolutions of the London Conference & takes to task the anarchists
for their "divisive" activity. It expels their leaders Mikhail Bakunin &
James Guillaume from the International on the 7th, & resolves
to move the seat of the General Council to New York, effectively
killing it.

1894 -- Author Joseph Roth lives, Brod, Slovenia. He died in
Paris in a poorhouse (or possibly an army hospital).

Herman Broch, Robert Musil, Joseph Roth

1897 -- Philippe Soupault lives. French poet,
dadaist, surrealist writer.

1899 -- US: Paterson's anarchist Questione sociale ends
its first series (127 numbers)

The Italian-American anarchists in New Jersey —
which the press calls 'anarchy's capital' — indeed
had a massive presence, reflected by La Questione
Sociale, a weekly with a print run of 15,000 copies.

1914 -- Romare Bearden lives... one of the fine artists
of the 20th century & master of collage.

1917 -- US: Mass arrests of IWWs (Industrial Workers of
the World) secretly ordered by Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Attorney General "Red Scare" Palmer.

1921 -- US: Mine owners bomb striking West Virginia
miners by plane.

1923 -- Spain: Rafael Torres Escartín, a member of
Los Solidarios, is arrested in Oviedo & tortured. He
escapes but is recaptured.

1936 -- US: Macbeth Mine explodes killing 10 workers at the
Hutchinson Coal Company mine in Logan County, West Virginia.
Six months hence it will explode again, on March 11, killing 18 more.

1937 -- Pentti Saarikoski lives. Poet / translator, & a
central figure in Finnish literature in the 1960s & 1970s...
like an enfant terrible combination of Allen Ginsberg
& Bob Dylan.

1945 -- Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnam independence.

1956 -- Italy: Alba Congress convenes in Alba, today through
the 8th, convoked by Asger Jorn & Giuseppe Gallizio in the
name of the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus...

1964 -- Spain: Stuart Christie & Fernanado Carballo Blanco are sent
to prison for planning to use a hefty load of explosives send Beloved
& Respected Comrade Leader Franco to the moon.

1965 -- Mao Zedong launches so-called
"Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution"

1973 -- British medievalist, fantasist, J R R Tolkien dies.

2000 -- US: Anarchist Futball Association (AFA)
Tournament begins, in Detroit, Michigan, U$A.

Miserable teams from around the US attempt
to match their pathetic skills against the
heavily-favored Detroit Riot.

2005 -- Italy: Florence, 2-4 September: 1st International Fair
of Anarchist & Libertarian Culture – 2nd Anarchist & Libertarian
Bookfair – 3rd Biannual Art & Anarchy Exhibition.


"If I rule out violent anarchism, there remains pacifist,
antinationalist, anticapitalist, moral, & antidemocratic
anarchism (i.e., that which is hostile to the falsified
democracy of bourgeois states). There remains the anarchism
which acts by means of persuasion, by the creation of small
groups & networks, denouncing falsehood & oppression, aiming
at a true overturning of authorities of all kinds as people
at the bottom speak & organize themselves. All this is very
close to Bakunin."

— Jacques Ellul, Anarchie et Christianisme

— anti-copyRite, without reservation either, on or about 1997 or 2009
(& don't forget 999) or 2011 or 2013

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