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[Daily Bleed] 11/28 - Dennis Brutus

    Never seek to tell thy love,
                             Love that never told can be;
                             For the gentle wind does move                                                             
  Silently, invisibly.

                           I told my love, I told my love,
                                I told her all my heart;
                         Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears,
                                    Ah ! she did depart!

                             Soon as she was gone from me,
                                   A traveller came by,
                                   Silently, invisibly:
                                 He took her with a sigh.

                                               — Bill Blake

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South African poet, educator, anti-apartheid activist.


1545 -- 3 Typos & You're Out?: Jacob van Liesveld,
printer/"heretic" (Refeyen), beheaded.

1757 -- English Romantic poet, radical, mystic, printer,
engraver, subversive, William Blake lives. See Kenneth
Rexroth's More Classics Revisited & "Poets Old &
New" in Assays.

1820 -- German radical Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx's partner, lives.

1832 -- American Hegelianist Benjamin Paul Blood
lives, Amsterdam, New York.

  Pioneered the study of Hegel while on nitrous oxide.

1862 -- Theo van Rysselberghe (1862-1926) Belgian
painter (pointillisme), lives (or 11-23?). Contributor,
along with Paul Signac Maximilien Luce, Aristide
Delannoy, Alexandre Steinlen, Camille Pissarro,
Van Dongen, George Willaume, etc., to the
anarchist magazine "Temps Nouveaux".

1868 -- Maiju Lassila lives. Finnish author, journalist,
revolutionist whose colorful life created a legend
around him. Arrested & was shot dead on May 5,
1918 while trying to escape imprisonment.

1881 -- Stefan Zweig lives. German poet/translator/
biographer, short-story writer/novelist, achieved fame
with his interpretations of  many imaginary &
historical characters.

  The Royal Game used two games of
  chess to illustrate the horrors of Nazism.

1905 --  George Bernard Shaw play "Major Barbara"
opens in London.

1907 -- Alberto Moravia lives. Italian journalist,
short-story writer, novelist who explored sex, social
alienation and other contemporary issues. Major
figure in 20th-century Italian literature, censored by
Benito Mussolini's fascist, & placed by the Vatican
on the Index librorum prohibitarum (Index of Forbidden

1908 -- French structural anthropologist Claude
Levi-Strauss lives.

            "The world began without man, & it will
             complete itself without him."

                     — Claude Levi-Strauss

1911 -- Zapata proclaims Plan of Ayala Mexico.

     "A strong people do not need a government"

                   — Emiliano Zapata

1924 -- Poet Dennis Brutus lives, Salisbury, Rhodesia (now
Harare, Zimbabwe).

                          Known as the "singing voice of the South
                                            African Liberation Movement"

1930 -- France: "l'Age d'or", Buñuel & Dali's second film,
premieres. Rightwing nationalists attack the cinema house,
cops ban the film.

1944 -- USA: San Francisco Digger, author (Ringolevio,
Final Score) Emmett Grogan  lives. Anarchist, 'Superman of the
Underground'. A US Defense Department certified schizophrenic
who deliberately sent himself amphetamine-crazy on a military
bazooka range.

     To clarify his philosophy, Grogan attended a Dialectics
     of Liberation conference where he received an ovation
     for his speech ...

      & then informed the audience the first man to deliver it
      was AdoIf Hitler...

1960 -- Richard Wright dies in exile, in Paris. Postal
worker, novelist & short-story writer, among the first
American black writers to protest white treatment of

1985 -- Author Fernand Braudel dies.

1993 -- France: La Société Octave Mirbeau founded, to
contribute to the knowledge of the life, the battles & the
works of the great French  novelist, journalist & anarchiste.

    Octave Mirbeau (1848-1917), journaliste, pamphlétaire,
    critique d'art, romancier et auteur dramatique, est une des
    figures les plus attachantes et les plus originales de la
    littérature de la Belle Époque.

1997 -- Peru: Government frees 83 prisoners falsely
convicted of terrorism.

2008 -- US: Black Friday: Two are shot at a Toys R Us
store in Palm Desert, California, & a Wal-Mart employee
is crushed in a stampede after shoppers broke down
a front door in Valley Stream, New York.

2010 -- WikiLeaks begins releasing some 12,000
US diplomatic cables from the 251,287 it has got
its hands on.


                     Nowadays most people die of a sort
                     of creeping common sense, &
                     discover when it is too late that
                     the only things one never regrets
                     are one's mistakes.

                                                  — Oscar Wilde


— anti-Typos, 1997-2000113

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