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    Was it all true once? Just like
                             It says? I cannot find the past.
                             It is only anecdotes
                             For the company & the parching
                             Of a few more hidden nerves
                             Each Year.

       — Kenneth Rexroth, excerpt from                              
                                         "The Dragon & the Unicorn"

Daily Parchment


Superb Austrian fabulist novelist, mathematician.

Brittany: Beginning of  "THE BLACK MONTHS."



1811 -- England: Luddite weavers & knitters smash
machines in Sutton & Ashfield designed to displace them
& destroy their leisurely cottage-industry.

1906 -- US: Emma Goldman pleads not guilty to criminal
anarchy charges before the NY City magistrate.

             We cannot imagine how anyone might think
             the young lass an anarchist...

1909 -- US: I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World)
free-speech fight, Spokane, Washington. Apparently ignorant
laborers have to help American business & corporate interests
figure out the meaning of free-speech, democracy, & the Bill of Rights.

1939 -- Canada: Arthur Bortolotti's trial begins. Emma
Goldman was active on behalf of anarquistas in Spain
during the Civil War & on behalf of four men,
including Arthur Bortolotti (Anti-Deportation
Campaign) & Marcus Joachim, arrested in Toronto
for anti-Fascist agitation.

1979 -- France: Political bank robber Jacques Mesrine
 machine-gunned by flics, Paris.

2000 -- Al Grierson, a close friend of Songster U. Utah Phillips,
a singer, storyteller, former Buddhist monk, poet & a member
of the Rose Tattoo, is killed in a flash flood accident near his
home in Texass.

   Did "A Candle for Durruti", the title of which "comes from
   Dave Van Ronk, who told me once about a friend of his who
   would never pass by a Catholic Cathedral without stopping in
   to light a candle in memory of Buenaventurra Durruti, leader of the
   Anarchist Militia during the Spanish Civil War."

The Al Grierson remembered,

2005 -- US: Heard the News? Secret American CIA prisons
in Europe reported in mainstream media. Part of the US pattern
of kidnappings, torture & abuse — surprisingly denied by the
Bush junta, & most notably, Beloved Secretary of State Condalessa Rice,
who states, during a mission to Europe to heal rifts over the US
occupation of Iraq, straight-faced, that

    the American government does not
    commit illegal acts.

2006 -- México: The University of Oaxaca is attacked this a.m.,
with tear gas & shots reported on campus. Radio APPO is at
the center of this months long struggle, inside the university,
still broadcasting. . .

2011 -- US: Occupy Oakland General Strike shuts down the parts of the
city & the 5th largest port in the US. Similar protests occur in LA, Seattle, New York, Portland & elsewhere.


                                   Gods, goddesses,
                     wear the winged head dress

                           of horns, as the butterfly

                     or the erect king-cobra crest
                     to show how the worm turns.

                  — H.D. "The Walls Do Not Fall," Trilogy


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less, (precisely)

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