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Sustainability Action Newsletter, 1 December 2015

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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Tuesday, 1 December 20155:45pm
Lawrence City Hall, Commission Meeting Room, 6 East 6th St., Lawrence, KS 66044

The Sunrise Project is a diverse mix of activities centered on food, including theCentral Soy tofu factory, the Community Food Alliance, Seeds From Italy, and other business partners. It's at 15th & Learnard Ave., formerly the Sunrise Garden Center. When it was a garden center, the zoning was residential, and they were a non-conforming use. The Planning Commission has recommended that it should be zoned industrial because of it's mixed uses. It now goes to the City Commission for the final decision. The public is welcome to make comments at the meeting -http://lawrenceks.org/agendas.

Tuesday-Friday1 December-11 December 2015
Paris France

COP-21 will take place among 200 nations in Paris France this year. Each year the climate disruption gets more severe, and each year the Climate Conference fails to reach agreement on substantive national actions to meet the Kyoto Protocol goals. Some nations have yet to ratify the binding rules of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, and some even want to withdraw. Meanwhile, many developing nations with low emissions are demanding that industrialized nations pay more for causing most of the climate disruption. A good part of the impasse is the result of inordinate influence on the delegates by the fossil fuel industries of King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nuclear, Gas). The greed of these industries will stop at nothing. So the Climate Conference delegates need to hear from us to stand up to King CONG. One way you could act is by telling World Governments: Keep Fossil Fuels Underground.


The destructive ecological footprint of modern war is devastating to all species, habitats, ecosystems and ourselves. The indiscriminate targeting by bombs, drones, carpet bombing, and cluster munitions gives not a second thought to collateral damage. But meanwhile, the means to that end, whether engaged in active hostilities or not, wreaks enormous climate damage from fossil fuel use. ThePentagon's Carbon Bootprint entails burning 350,000 barrels of oil a day (only 35 entire countries in the world consume more). Nearly 80% of the Pentagon's energy consumption is petroleum, followed by electricity, natural gas and coal. That petroleum is fuel for more than 28,000 armored vehicles, thousands of helicopters, hundreds of jet fighters and bombers and vast fleets of Navy vessels.

In the final analysis of virtually all the U.S. wars fought since Viet Nam, securing access to petroleum reserves was a major, if not the primary, reason for the war. The same applies to wars by most other industrialized nations including Russia's aggression towards central Asia, China's aggression to control the South China Sea, Israel's threats to destabilize Iran's petro-economy, and the current ISIL war to control Syrian and Iraqi oil wells. We cannot escape the irony that the vast global consumption of oil is perpetuated by wars that use vast amounts of oil to secure access to vast reserves of oil, that feed the vast global consumption of oil . . .

In spite of this record, the Pentagon is exempt from reducing or reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, a concession gained during the 1998 Kyoto Protocol negotiations. And President Obama's recent executive order requiring federal agencies to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 again exempted the Pentagon from having to report its contribution to climate disruption. Learn more at -Unacknowledged Threat to Global Warming: The Pentagon.

Wednesday, 2 December 20156:30pm
City Hall, Commission Meeting Room, 6 East 6th St., Lawrence KS 66044

At the last meeting, the Pedestrian-Bicycle Task Force discussed 
a recommendation for an advisory board, sidewalk costs and funding, and a preliminary Task Force Report to the City CommissionThis meeting agenda entails writing a final draft of the Task Force Report with the help of a meeting facilitatorThe task force will review current bicycle plans and recommendations, prioritize construction projects, review City pedestrian-bicycle policies, develop a vision and a purpose, and determine how best to achieve greater dedicated annual funding. More info can be found at their web page - Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force.

Thursday, 3 December 20154:00-6:30pm
Inside the store, 1832 Massachusetts St., Lawrence KS 66044

The farmers' market will be inside from November through April 2016. Weekly vendors will have a supply of fresh greens, root vegetables, breads, baked goods, farm fresh eggs, meats, live music, and much more. Local food is healthier and helps your local economy. This four season market is Lawrence's only winter-weather protected farmers' market, with only three others in the region. For more info contact them at 843-2981 or <hardware@sunflower.com>.

Listen at KKFI-FM 90.1, or web-streaming at http://www.kkfi.org/
(courtesy, Mike Mruphy, KKFI Programming Committee)

Wednesday, 2 December 201512:00pm - Alternative Radio
This week David Barsamian is featuring Christian Parenti on “Climate Crisis”. In coming decades, migration of people from climate disruption will upstage that from wars or persecution. Drought will force farmers out of rural areas because of crop failure and wildfires. Food prices will skyrocket. Conflicts, already erupting, will increase. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts sea levels will rise as high as two feet, 60 centimeters, by 2100, putting vast areas under water. Consider the following projections: Climate change will displace up to 200 million people by 2050. Almost 10 percent of the world’s population is at risk of displacement by 2100. Planetary well-being is subordinated to capitalism, hell bent on profits.

Friday, 4 December 20159:30am - Bioneers Radio Series
Bioneers presents “Earth Justice: Corporate Rights vs. the Rights of Nature”, with Michael Linzey and Mari MargilThe people in the communities we work with recognize that the structure of law was never intended to protect the environment but, instead, to regulate its exploitation. They recognize that, in order to change the existing structure of law, a movement for nature’s rights is necessary, and it’s time we heard their voices and joined their cause.

Monday, 7 December 20158:00am - Democracy Now!
Continuing every day this week, Amy Goodman & Co. will be coming to you LIVE from the Paris Climate Conference. The corporate media is playing the Climate Conference as a mere sub-topic to terrorism - sensationalism before sanity. Only Democracy Now! gives you meaningful coverage. Join them for minute-by-minute coverage of this very significant event.

Monday, 7 December 20156:00pm - locally produced Eco-Radio KC
The EcoRadioKC program will feature another of their ecologically minded topics.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, world population was growing by slightly over 2 percent in the 1960's, but has declined to be growing now at about 1 percent -World Population Growth Rates: 1950-2050. And the International Monitary Fund projects the global growth of GDP to be about 3.7 percent in 2016 - Global GDP Growth Projections. While these don't seem to be significant trends, it must be noted that both are compound growth curves, getting increasingly steeper each year. George Monbiot demonstrates the impact of exponential growth with this example. “Let us imagine that in 3030BC the total possessions of the people of Egypt filled one cubic metre. Let us propose that these possessions grew by 4.5% a year. How big would that stash have been by the Battle of Actium in 30BC? Ten times the size of the pyramids? The volume of the planet? A little more? It’s 2.5 billion billion solar systems. It does not take you long, pondering this outcome, to reach the paradoxical position that salvation lies in collapse.”

Exponential growth is unsustainable, and is an artifact of the use of fossil fuels. Coal, followed by oil and gas made possible the progress and the pathologies of the modern age. Monbiot goes on to say “The trajectory of compound growth shows that the scouring of the planet has only just begun. As the volume of the global economy expands [and global] resources extracted and dispersed, the world’s diverse and differentiated marvels [will be] reduced to the same grey stubble. The inescapable failure of a society built upon growth and its destruction of the Earth’s living systems are the overwhelming facts of our existence. As a result they are mentioned almost nowhere, the subjects guaranteed to alienate your friends and neighbors.” Learn more (if you dare) at - The Impossibility of Compound Growth.

Wednesday, 9 December 20154:00-6:00pm
Mic America Regional Council, Rivergate Center 2nd floor, 600 Broadway, KC MO

The Environmental Management Commission promotes environmental awareness and resource efficiency to the City's leaders and staff, to assist the progress of Kansas City toward sustainability. The General public is encouraged to attend and observe meetings and to join and participate in its efforts. More information is at KC Environmental Management Commission.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015, 5:30pm
Public Works Confr. Room, City Hall ground floor, 6 East 6th St., Lawrence KS 66044

The December agenda is not yet available. The S.A.B. meets monthly to discuss any and all aspects of furthering sustainability policies and practices by the City of Lawrence government and private persons. The public is welcome. Minutes are finalized in about a month after each meeting - http://www.lawrenceks.org/sustainability/sab.

Wednesday, 9 December 20157:00pm
Carnegie Building Conference Room, 200 West 9th St., Lawrence KS 66044

December agenda is not yet available. The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition is a joint effort of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods and the League of Women Voters. Monthly meetings are open to the public. For more info go toLawrence Pedestrian Coalition, or contact Erin Paden <earthpaden@hotmail.com>.


Energy investors stepping in where global governments may not reach agreement.
Regardless of whether COP21 produces an agreement for all nations to phase out fossil fuels, the energy investment market is rising to the occasion to advance clean energy. We're seeing many energy conserving and renewable energy industries gaining momentum, with stock prices rising. The initial public subsidies for emerging industries like wind generators, solar electric panels, electric cars, advanced battery storage, and more, have brought them to the point of competitiveness with fossil industries, which themselves are beginning to lose market share. This trend just received a huge boost in the person of Bill Gates, the world's richest person with net worth of $84.6 billion.

Bill Gates and a group of 26 investors have pledged to plow $2 billion into clean energy through personal investments and a new fund called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Other investors include Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, Hewlett Packard CEO, Meg Whitman, Soros Fund Chairman, George Soros, and Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson. The coalition intends to collaborate with 20 nations including the U.S., India, Saudi Arabia, China, Chile and the U.K., each of which has vowed to double their budget for clean energy over the next five years. For the U.S. public investment, that means going from $5 billion per year to $10 billion. A big caveat however is that the Obama administration includes nuclear generation in their definition of clean energy. Read more at -Gates to Announce Multibillion Dollar Clean Energy Fund.

We suggest readers avail themselves of the following sources for news on the demise of nuclear power: Japan for SustainabilityJapan FocusFukushima Update, and Fairewinds Associates.

Monday, 14 December 20155:30pm
location TBA

Food Policy Council seeks to identify the benefits, challenges and opportunities for a successful, sustainable local food system. By advising the Douglas County Commission on public policies that will support local producers,preserve local agricultural resources and land, and create more local jobs, the F.P.C. hopes to improve the community's access to a local food supply and distribution networks. For more info go to Dg County Food Policy Council.

Wednesday, 16 December 20157:00-9:00pm - $$
UMKC School of Medicine, Theatre C, 2411 Holmes Street, KC MO

Permaculture is an integrative, ethics based, sustainable design system. This class will be an overview of a Kansas City Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) that starts February 2016, with a focus on permaculture design principles for the urban ecosystem. The Urban Permaculture Design Course uses the standardized curriculum to fulfill the Permaculture Design Certificate requirements, with an emphasis on the unique challenges and opportunities of urban and suburban homesteads, farms and neighborhoods. Instructors are Steve Mannand Michael Almon. Class fee is $10; bring picture ID. Register at UMKC Communiversity. More info at Food Not Lawns KC, or .

Thursday, 17 December 2015, 6:30pm
Lawrence Library, Conference Room C, 7th & Vermont St., Lawrence KS 66044
Local Solutions for Transition to a Sustainable Economy

Planned discussion topics:
  • single use bag restriction in Lawrence
  • 2016 Program Work Plan
  • 2016 Annual meeting planning
  • 2016 Community Foundation grants
  • EPA air monitoring grant
  • reusable bag logo design competition 
  • silent auction fund raiser
  • website restoration
Everyone is welcome - http://www.sustainabilityaction.net/

Monday, 21 December 20155:00pm-6:30pm
Parks & Recreation Conference Room, 1141 Massachusetts St., Lawrence KS 66044

December agenda is not yet availableThe Bicycle Advisory Committee works to improve bicycle safety and awareness through education of motorists and non-motorists, develops bicycle plans and maps, and advises the City and County Commission on bicycle priorities and needs. The agenda and information can be downloaded at Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Monday4 January 2016, AND 11 January 2016
curbside, Lawrence KS

Christmas "tree-cycling" of live-cut trees will take place on two Mondays at your curbside. Remove all artificial items including tinsel, lights, and tree stand, and have the tree by the curb or in the alley by 6:00am. For more info call 832-3030 or visitwww.LawrenceRecycles.org.

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In Lawrence there are several opportunities to take your money from the big box consumer mills that are undermining our local economy, and instead buy from local producers and craftspersons, and fair-trade providers.
Saturday, 5 December 201511:30am-4:00pm
Prairie Moon Waldorf School, 1853 E. 1600 Road, Lawrence KS 66044 (1/2 mile E. of airport)

This is a delightful annual sale of lovingly crafted toys and crafts made entirely from natural materials. A silent auction will feature special items in the faire. There also will be hard to find books on Waldorf education, child rearing, biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophy, and Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education. There will be local food and performances by local musicians. 
Prairie Moon Waldorf School.

Saturday, 5 December 201510:00am-5:00pm
Lawrence Art Center, 940 New Hampshire St., Lawrence KS 66044

A local tradition for over 30 years, the Lawrence Art Guild's annual Holiday Art Fair is a good place to find unique creative gifts this holiday season. This year's fair features over 30 Kansas artists, and live music from area musicians.

12 December 20159:00am-5:00pm
Lawrence Holidome, McDonald Drive at 2nd Street, Lawrence KS 66044

The Lawrence Farmers Market Annual Holiday Market features local producers and craftspersons, and fair-trade providers. Artisan foods, seasonal produce, holiday crafts, etc. are available at the Holiday Market, a local alternative to the big box consumer mills that are undermining our local economy. 
Lawrence Holiday Market.


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Sustainability Action sponsored organizations:
Lawrence Creates - Maker space with tool sharing, recycling, and community shared innovation incubator - Lawrence Creates

2) Diesel Health Project - promoting eco-justice in neighborhoods exposed to industrial air and water pollution, by monitoring the pollution and changing policies and enforcement - Diesel Health Project

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