Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cindy Sheehan's "Another Open Letter to George Bush"

Another Open Letter to George Bush

by Cindy Sheehan

First of all, I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall on November 8th, when we all knew fairly early that the Democrats had taken back the House of Representatives. I would also have loved to be in the room when Senator George Allen conceded and the Senate was lost. I hope you realize that your demented policies and miserably failed leadership style is responsible for the thumping that your party took this week. Even though I couldn't be a secret first hand witness to your political demise, it was good to be in front of your soon-to-be-vacated premises in DC.

On November 4th, 2004, after you stole yet another election, I wrote an open letter to you promising that I would use every last ounce of strength that I had to see you held accountable for the death of my son and for all of the gratuitous bloodshed that you have foisted on humanity since you have been president.

As committed as I am to bringing the troops home, I am as much committed to seeing you investigated, impeached, ejected from office, and imprisoned in the same cell with Saddam for crimes against humanity. After all, you yourself, have said over and over again that the troops aren't leaving Iraq alone while you are in office...so get out of office so our young people can come home. A recent MSNBC poll said that 86% of their viewers are in favor of putting you on trial, George. 86% is exactly the same percentage of Iraqis who want our troops to leave their Bush-torn country.

Americans (you remember us, don't you?), turned out in huge numbers the other day to hold you accountable. You had yourself another accountability moment there, and you lost, didn't you? We Americans did not vote to retain the Republican status quo of murder, mayhem, and oppression. We voted to change politics as usual in this country. We voted against you and your wars of terror. We voted against you and your spies. We voted against you and your torturers.

We voted against you and your definition of freedom as something that can be spread by bombing a country into oblivion. We voted against you and your definition of peace as something that can be spread by violence. We voted against you and your definition of security while your state sanctioned terrorism is creating more terrorists. We voted against you and your most atrocious and abominable exploitation of the right to life to continue your genocidal policies in Iraq.

You can read the rest of Cindy Sheehan's Open Letter to George Bush here at Url.: http://www.opednews.com/


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