Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blue Barn Radio is cooking with New Year's news this Saturday!

The real Anti-war presidential candidates are still in the primary races.

Congressmen Ron Paul’s “Revolution” is burning at the grassroots.

Today I will be broadcasting some pretty important stuff for Republicans who understand that empires fall --- listen to a clip of Pat Buchanan talking with Austin, TX Radio KAOS, Scott Horton at Anti-War Radio. Go on, click the link above and explore their incredible site, or sit back and listen to just a small portion this afternoon. If you follow the Buchanan link [above] scroll a look along the left-hand margin and consider downloading some of the other recent interviews. Horton also interviewed, the U.K.’s Independent newspaper reporter, Patrick Cockburn, immediately in the aftermath of Bhutto’s assassination.

Buchanan’s political muscle telegraphs a punch at the GOP’s Neocons, you might be one of them.

Contrary to many who think that the Mclaughlin Group is completely dominated by conservatives, Group Leader Mclaughlin made honorable mention of last year’s “Betrayus” gaffe ad that ran in the NYT right before The General testified before Congress. And, of course, “Old Europe” will still hate us for the Occupation of Iraq and seeking regional hegemony in the Middle East [for oil], no matter who is president after ’08. Can’t say I blame them, either.

Our Populist Rebellion is still “under the mainstream’s radar.”

Take a look at what the head honcho there at Anti-War, the editor-in-chief, Justin Raimondo has to say about the imminent collapse of the “frontrunners.” Good stuff for truth seekers.

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