Saturday, December 29, 2007

Impeachment will never happen? (Part 2)

Congress is watching, so...

The op-ed posted at that site was originally rejected by corporate newspapers.

Now, the Philadelphia Inquirer has published it, the Miami Herald has published an edited version, and numerous newspapers have reported on the growing push for impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee.

Listen to Rep. Wexler, Bob Fertik, David Swanson, and Dave Lindorff on a recent online radio show HERE . Let the Speaker of the House and members of the Judiciary Committee know you want the Cheney impeachment to begin:

Ask your local newspapers to publish the op-ed, and ask the national media to cover impeachment:

Learn and do more:

Start a Cheney Chain E letter by forwarding this Email to everyone you know and asking them to do the same!

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