Monday, October 27, 2008

Friends of Sustainable Ag and the Family Farm endorse Jim Slattery for Senate

Rural leaders and friends of sustainable Ag and the family farm have evaluated Jim Slattery’s position on rural Kansas issues and have decided to make personal endorsements for Jim Slattery in his bid for U.S. Senate

“He pledges to enhance the sustainability of rural communities and the rural quality of life” states Tom Buis, president of the National Farmers Union.

“Jim recognizes that rural communities face unique economic development challenges due to declining populations. Quality education and job creation in rural areas are key to economic development and keeping our youth in local communities.” states Donn Teske, president of the Kansas Farmers Union.

Kansas Cattlemen’s Assn. board members Mike Schultz and Daryl Larson support and recognize a very strong need for change. They appreciate this quote by Jim. “I support increased competition in the marketplace so as to not disadvantage local farmers and ranchers in competition with corporate farms. I also oppose the consolidation of meat packers.” "Jim has shown an ability to become involved, work and listen to all issues openly and honestly, this is something we haven't had with Senator Pat Roberts" said Mike Schultz a very disgruntled Republican.

Dan Nagangast and Mary Fund refer to this quote by Jim Slattery. “Equally as important as reducing our dependence on foreign oil is reducing our carbon footprint. Diversifying our energy portfolio and reducing our dependence on carbon emitting fuels will have a significant and positive impact on our environment.”

Greg Stephens says, “Jim Slattery recognizes that the agriculture commodities marketplace is becoming increasingly global. He voted against NAFTA when he was in Congress. In addition, he supports fair trade practices to level the playing field for small family farmers”

Paul Johnson, a market gardener from Perry, Ks. points out that Jim Slattery recognizes that there is a health care crisis occurring in America and rural communities face additional challenges. When he was a member of Congress he was a founding member of the Rural Health Care Coalition and understands the importance of access to health care in rural Kansas.

Jim Slattery, former Congressman of Kansas’s 2nd district has shown true leadership in the past and in his bid for the U.S. Senate.

For Further Information contact: Donn Teske 785-770-0336

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