Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KKFI Radio: "Heartland Labor Forum, March and April schedule" - Judy Ancel

The Heartland Labor Forum has lots of exciting and informative shows planned for March and April.

A schedule is attached. Please print it out, send it out, post it on bulletin boards and tune in. . .

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The Heartland Labor Forum – Thursdays 6-7pm rebroadcast Fridays 5-6am – on KKFI 90.1 FM orwww.kkfi.org   Archived shows at www.heartlandlaborforum.org

Heartland Labor Forum



3/5 Starbucks: A progressive on cappuccino capitalism and Will the Missouri Leg tip the scales against servers?

Underwritten by: Carpenters Local 61 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 53

3/12 Jailing our kids for profit and Wal-Mart wage theft settlement

Underwritten by United Steelworkers Local 307 and Teamsters Joint Council 56

3/19 Gaveling Down the Rabble : how the courts allowed corporate rule and Buy American: help or hokum?

Underwritten by: Teamsters Local 541 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 124

3/26 Will Centerpoint nurses get a free choice to stay union? and What if Fox 4 reporters had had a free choice?

Underwritten by: Boilermakers Local 83 and Communications Workers Local 6360


4/ 2 Saving jobs and the environment

Underwritten by: Millwrights Local 1529 and American Federation of Government Employees Local 1336

4/ 9 You and your job: til death do you part? The state of pensions and retirement planning

Underwritten by Service Employees Local 1 and Pipefitters Local 533

4/ 16 Broken promises: The sad state of workers compensation across the U.S. and David Bacon on Illegal people

Underwritten by Teamsters Local 955 and Sheetmetal Workers Local 2

4/ 23 Planting Seeds: Union and community organizers

Underwritten by: United Food & Commercial Workers Local 2 and United Autoworkers Local 249

4/ 30 Are the Honeywell nuke workers the next superfund site?

Underwritten by: IBEW Local 53 and Steelworkers Local 307



Judy Ancel, Director

The Institute for Labor Studies

The University of Missouri-Kansas City

211 Haag Hall

5100 Rockhill Road

Kansas City, MO 64110


fax: 816-235-2834

web: www.umkc.edu/labor-ed


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