Tuesday, November 10, 2009

George Kenney: "Electric Politics a Podcast Winner!"

Dear Michael,

I'm pleased to inform you that once again, for the third year in a row, the EP podcast has been named one of the top ten finalists in the political category of the Annual Podcast Awards competition. Thank you, very much, for your help during the nomination process -- as I keep telling you, EP's success depends upon your kind support!

Just a couple facts taken from the Podcast Awards site, and the video they posted with news about the slate of finalists: Over 321,000 people submitted nominations! And the category with the most nominations was... the political category. Other political category finalists include Real Time with Bill Maher, The Young Turks, and Rush 24/7. This is pretty impressive company, particularly considering that I'm a one man shop. I'm very, very pleased.

The next phase of the competition, for winners in each category, is strictly a numbers game where shows with larger audiences have a huge advantage. And as I've indicated earlier, I really don't think it's the style of most EP listeners to want to vote each and every day for several weeks, as the rules in this phase allow. So while I won't discourage you from participating again at this point, it's fine with me if you don't -- we've already gotten the main thing that we wanted. Indeed, I'm quite sure that being a finalist in the political category will be of great help in booking guests through the year ahead and that it will be a big plus in promoting the podcast.

So thanks again and, please, keep listening!



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