Friday, March 26, 2010

George Kenney interviews Rob Richie of FairVote

Dear Discomfit Magazine,

Not too many people talk about the structure of politics. Possibly because structure isn't easy. But structure isn't destiny, either, and if we thought about it there are a lot of great reforms that we might achieve. Some, like instant run-off elections, maybe not even all that difficult. To talk about such issues I turned to Rob Richie, Executive Director of FairVote, a non-profit focused on voting procedures. Our conversation, however, ranges a bit more broadly -- to include general questions of governance and constitutional amendments.

The structure of politics is one of my favorite subjects. I really enjoyed talking with Rob and I'm very glad indeed to know that he's doing the work that he does. Hopefully, someday, progressives will realize that procedural reforms are just as important as policy... and, speaking for myself, that faux progressives like Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich won't get the ego-trip milage out of procedure that they extract from the issues, thus leaving the field to authentic reformers.

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