Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tom Klammer: "This Week on Tell Somebody: Coleen Rowley & Ray McGovern" @ KKFI radio

Tues @6pm on Tell Somebody on KKFI - frmr FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley and frmr CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

This Tuesday, May 11 on Tell Somebody on 90.1 FM KKFI at 6pm Central - streaming at www.kkfi.org,

former FBI Special Agent and Minneapolis Chief Division Counsel Coleen Rowley and 27- year CIA analyst and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity cofounder Ray McGovern.
Rowley's team had arrested Zacarias Moussaoui just three weeks before 9/11, and was denied a warrant to search his computer by FBI headquarters. Rowley was on the cover of Time Magazine's 2002 Person of the Year issue with two other whistleblowers after she went public with a blistering letter to FBI director Robert Mueller.
We'll hear about that from Coleen Rowley as she returns to Tell Somebody this week.
After that, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern returns to the show. Ray's latest post on www.consortiumnews.com is
Tune in to KKFI at 6pm Tuesday.
Last week's show, Puppy mills, oil spills, & the Prince who crawled from the sewer - is now online. In that show I played just a couple of minutes from an October, 2008 interview with Antonia Juhasz. I posted that entire interview online.
Yahoo posted an Associated Press story online dated May 8, 2010 headlined Bubble of Methane Triggered Rig Blast.
In her book Juhasz writes: Drilling in water depths greater than 500 feet releases methane, a greenhouse gas at least twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide in its contribution to global warming.
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