Thursday, May 06, 2010

Uncle Academic: "Three articles of related interest"

Ongoing Safety Violations at BP's Refineries Endanger Employees' Lives
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "BP Plc's troubles are not just limited to its Gulf of Mexico operations, where a deadly blast aboard a drilling rig two weeks ago ruptured an oil well 5,000 feet below the sea's surface and triggered a massive oil leak that is now the size of a small country."
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The Rebirth of Regulation
Robert Reich: "What do oil giant BP, the mining company Massey Energy and Goldman Sachs have in common? They're all big firms involved in massive plunder. BP's oil spill is already one of the biggest and most damaging in American history. Massey's mine disaster, claiming the lives of 29 miners, is one of the worst in recent history. Goldman's alleged fraud is but a part of the largest financial meltdown in 75 years."
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Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

The oil giant has pumped millions into candidates' coffers over the past two decades.

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