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The Daily Bleed, 4 June 2011

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Iranian Marxist humanist, council communist.

Berga, Spain: FIESTA. "Turks" on hobby horses stage
dance-battle, joined by bizarre devils exploding
fireworks, who are then disposed of by Archangel
Michael & huge, giraffe-necked mules, eagles, dancing
giants & dwarfs.



1568 -- Netherlands: Leaders of the Flemish opposition
to the Spanish Inquisition are condemned to death at
Bruxelles, prompting a revolt.

1848 -- During this month Michael Bakunin participates
in Slav Congress & insurrection in Prague. Also during
this month his pal Karl Marx publishes a false report that
Bakunin is a Russian agent responsible for the arrest
of Poles.

1850 - Self-deodorizing fertilizer patented in England.
Now if we could just get the doggies to eat the stuff.

1861 -- Russia: During this month Bakunin escapes from Siberia.

He lit a fire & it still burns
Mikhail wanted nothing more than liberty

He denounced the church the state & monarchy

[...] Consumed with hatred for authority
Enemy of the state, protector of humanity...

— Excerpt from "Bakunin" from the album
Nothing New For Trash Like You
by the band Against All Authority

1864 - US: BeSot & BeWildered?: Beloved & Respected
Comrade Failure General Ulysses S. Grant's military tactics
during his first month in command of the Union Armies result
in the deaths of 60,000 Union soldiers — more Americans
than killed in the entire Vietnam War.

1917 - On an order from Washington, New York postal
authorities hold up the June issue of Emma Goldman's
magazine, "Mother Earth". Free speech. Yup.

1922 - Aleister Crowley begins dictating his novel
The Diary of a Drug Fiend.

1932 -- Chile: Politicians & military fulfill their tragic role,
with a coup d'etat. They install Marmaduke Grove who
declares a "socialist republic," but the workers & labor
unions have no avenue for participation. On the 16th the
military brings the 12-day-old "republic" to an end.

"The only power in Chile capable of giving justice
to the people is not government A or government B.

It is the organized people themselves."

— Chilean worker in an occupied factory

1937 -- Real Life File?: First grocery carts introduced —
Live, Buy, Consume, Die & do wheelies at the same time!

1937 -- Pablo Picasso completes his mural "Guernica".

1937 – England: Emma Goldman & Fenner Brockway (a
former pacifist & CO) speak on "Conditions in Spain"
in London.

Federico ARCOS:

I woke up to the factory sirens. &
it was as if the whole of Barcelona was
pulsing to a single heartbeat,
the sort of thing that only happens
maybe once in a century…
&, if I may say so, it has left its mark on my life
& I can still feel that emotion.

1940 - Carson McCullers, 23, publishes The Heart Is
a Lonely Hunter
to great critical acclaim. "I have more to
say than Hemingway, & God knows, I say it better than

1951 -- Iran: Mansoor Hekmat lives (d. 2002). Iranian Marxist
theorist & leader of the worker-communist movement. He opposed
the Shah and, after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, led the Worker-
Communist Party of Iran (WPI), which is opposed to the Islamic
Republic of Iran.

1966 - James Meredith, first black student at the
University of Mississippi, is shot & wounded by a
sniper while working on a voter registration drive,
in a lone 220-mile "march against fear". Civil rights
leaders rally to the cause & came to continue the
march from the point at which Meredith fell. He
recovers & later completes the march on June 7.

1972 - Try This At Home?: The International Budo
Association demolishes an entire house using only bare
hands & feet.

1987 - New Zealand passes legislation declaring
itself nuclear-free; U.S. government throws fits, leading
to the breakup of the ANZUS defense alliance.

1989 - Read the Daily Bleed? Ayatalloh Ruhullah
Khomeini of Iran, dies of internal bleeding.
Victim, apparently, of ignoring our motto:

1997 - India: Culmination of marches from around the
state, activists protest US company Enron, building a
power station in the South Maharashtra region.
39 arrested.

2002 -- Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay gits it in the face with a pie.

2005 -- US: IWW Centenary Protest & Celebration in New York City.


'In History, stagnant waters, whether they be the
stagnant waters of custom or those of despotism,
harbour no life; life is dependent on the ripples
created by a few eccentric individuals.

In homage to that life & vitality, the community has
to brave certain perils & must countenance a measure
of heresy.

One must live dangerously if one wants to live at all.'

— Herbert Read, art critic, anarchist benighted
by the Queen of England


— @untie-Countenance 1997, 2011 & here & there to boot

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