Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Is Hell! Live from Chicago Saturday 9am - Sy Hersh, Vincent Bugliosi, Chris Hedges, and more!

This is Hell! airs a new, live four hour broadcast tomorrow,
Saturday, June 11, from 9 AM (US central time) on Chicago's
WNUR 89.3 FM, streaming live and podcast at

This weekend on This is Hell!, your bitter blind broke
gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz will interview
Sy Hersh, Vince Bugliosi, Chris Hedges, the Guardian's Felicity
Lawrence on the Global Food Crisis, and Coal River Mountain
Watch's Bob Kincaid on mountain top removal.

Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.

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Brave enough to be live, dumb enough to be goofy,
stupid enough to think that we can be a regular part
of your Saturday morning hangover
- This is Hell!

This is Hell!
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