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Daily Bleed: 12, Oct. 2011 - MOSES HARMAN

Daily Bleed, in full,


"Lucifer" editor, agrarian anarchist,
paradigm of male feminism.

(Orwell, 1984).


SCREAM DAY: 30-Second Global Scream at 1200
hours GMT.

Latin America: "DIA DE LA RAZA" celebrates
Columbus' first landing as the beginning of a new
'race' from the fusion of Spanish & Indian blood.

"Have it Your Way" — McWendy's slogan


1492 -- Arawaks discover Columbus: invader, slaver,
thief, murderer, liar, madman. He & his crew signal the
start of the European invasion of the Americas with rape
& pillage which continues to this day.

"We could subjugate them all..." Columbus wrote.

"Would imperial Chinese or Turks have been less lethal
had they "discovered America''? All three empires
regarded aliens as less than human & therefore as
legitimate prey..."

— Fredy Perlman,
The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

1694 -- Matsuo Basho, great Japanese haiku poet, dies.

1859 -- He abolishes Congress.

His Imperial Majesty, Norton I, has issued the
following edict, which he desires the
Bulletin to spread before the world. Let her rip! ...

WE do hereby abolish Congress...
& WE order & desire the representatives of all
parties interested to appear at the Musical Hall of this
city on the first of February next, & then & there take
the most effective steps to remedy
the evil complained of.

1860 -- France: Emile Pouget lives.
Gets eight-year prison sentence for his
participation with anarchist Louise Michel in
unemployed activities when bakeries were plundered.
Founded "Le Père Peinard". Wrote numerous books
& pamphlets, including Direct Action (1910), & Sabotage.

"Since the day a man had the criminal ability to
profit by another man's labor, since that very same
day the exploited toiler has instinctively tried to give
to his master less than was demanded from him.
In this wise the worker was
unconsciously doing SABOTAGE..."

1863 -- Death of Lazarus, dog & faithful companion to
Norton I, Emperor of the United States &
Protector of Mexico, in October, exact day unknown.

Twain wrote to his editor, William Howells, suggesting
that the Emperor would make a fine subject for a book...
Twain was able to complete two novels: Huckleberry
which featured a lost Dauphin & The Prince &
the Pauper
, a story of confused identities.
Through these, he paid homage to the man he'd known.

1873 -- Switzerland: The famed Russian revolutionary,
Mikhail Bakunin retires from the struggle & resigns from
the anarchist Jura Federation.

1886 -- Norway: The anarchist author Hans Jaeger, writing
from prison during this month, describes his Edvard Munch picture
"Hulda" in the first number of his periodical "Impressionisten".

1896 -- Eugenio Montale lives, Genoa. Italian poet, prose
writer, editor & translator who won the
Nobel Prize for literature in 1975.

1896 -- Johann Most, German-American anarchist, &
Emma Goldman's former mentor, denounces her.

1903 -- Anton Chekhov completes work
on The Cherry Orchard.

1913 -- Francisco Ferrer Memorial meeting held in
New York City. Emma Goldman is one of the speakers.
The memorial meetings have been
held every year since his murder in Spain.

1920 -- Italy: Armando Borghi, general secretary of the
Unione Sindicale Italiana (USI) & militant anarchist,
arrested in Milan by some order dating from July 20, but
which had not been executed before. An effort to bust the
300,000 strong union.

1924 -- Anatole France dies at 80 in La Béchellerie, near
Tours, three years after receiving the Nobel Prize for
Literature. His funeral is the first national one accorded a
writer since that of Victor Hugo in 1885.

1925 -- Panama: 600 US marines land & take over police
duties in Panama City during a strike & rent riots to —
okay, altogether now, say it with me —

"to protect U.S. interests".

Very good!! But a little louder next time,
with more conviction, puleeze...

1932 -- Dick Gregory lives. Comedian, activist, civil
rights supporter, & nutrition advocate.

1950 -- US: American Legion convention calls for concentration
camps for US Communists & the atom-bombing of the Soviet Union.

1960 -- Sole Brother?: Khruschev bangs shoe on desk at the U.N.

1961 -- To Protect & To Serve?:
FBI launches Socialist Worker Disruption Program.
Freedom is a wonderful thing.

1967 -- "A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority",
appears in NY Review of Books. In response to the
Vietnam War, 2,000 sign it, including academics,
clergymen, writers.

1970 -- Lt. William Calley court-martialled for
massacre of 102 civilians in My Lai during Vietnam
War. He gets his wrists slapped, a year under house arrest..

1992 -- Rallies, protests & arrests throughout the Western
Hemisphere mark the 500th anniversary
of the beginning of the European invasion of the
Americas & genocide of its native peoples.

2002 -- Bangladesh: Feminist author Taslima Nasrin is
sentenced to one year in jail in absentia for criticizing Islam.

2009 -- "¿Dave¿ Dave's Not Here, Man!" —
Out back having his birthday cake & eating it too.
Auntie Dave plunges head-long into the ice cream.

2010 -- Chile: The first of 33 miners retrieved after being
trapped underground for over two months following the
Copiapó mining disaster at the notorious 121-year-old
San José copper–gold mine.


Aged Pueblo Indian to Carl Jung:

"Their eyes have a staring expression; they
are always seeking something; they are
always uneasy & restless. We do not know
what they want. We do not understand them.
We think that they are mad."


— anti-mad, 2011, in perpetuity & forevermore, more or less

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