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The Daily Bleed, 12 August

And Blake awoke. Expanding from the Vale
   Of Felpham, his humanity became
   A Globe of Self-annihilating flame,
   A Bubble searing through the
   Mundane Shell . . .

   — Richard Record, "Glad Day"

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August 12 -- WILLIAM BLAKE
Major romantic poet. Entertained angels in the garden.

1658 -- Cop-Out? First police force in North America is
organized in New Amsterdam (New York).

1676 -- Mr Roger's Neighborhood?: Wampanoag tribe
leader Metacom, known as "King Philip" to  the English,
is shot to death by white settlers, & his wife & child
sold to West Indian slave traders...

1812 -- Lady Ludd "leads" women in Knottingly in riots
over high bread prices.

     No one should ever work.
     Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world...

1827 -- English romantic poet William Blake dies.

         "I mock thee not, though I by thee am mockéd.
         Thou call'st me madman, but I call thee blockhead"

1843 -- First North American phalanx founded,
commune based on the ideas of Charles Fourier...

   Contemporary rediscovery of Fourier owes a
   great deal to André Breton, who saw in him a
   precursor of surrealism.

1861 -- Luigi Galleani, Italian-American anarchist, lives (1861-1931).

1869 -- US: America's Greatest Ruler, Norton, bar none,


        to party


1877 -- Thomas Edison invents the CD...DVD, CIVVIES, &tc

1880 -- Radclyffe Hall lives. British lesbian novelist, dies.

   Her novel Well of Loneliness was subject to an
   obscenity trial, November 16, 1928. It created a scandal
   & Britain banned it for its treatment of lesbianism.

   Another wise & learned court, in the US in 1929 ruled
   similarly, for its sympathetic portrait of homosexuality,
   & because it "pleads for tolerance on the part of society."

1892 -- Zanzibar: The Sultan falls behind on payments
owed to Italy & concedes some Somalian ports.

              Inspires John Brunner's science fiction
              novel, Stomp on Zanzibar

1898 -- Coal company guards kill seven, wound 40 miners trying
to stop scabs, Virden, Illinois.

   After god had finished the rattlesnake,
   the toad, the vampire,
   He had  some awful substance left with
   which he made the SCAB....

   A SCAB is a two-legged animal with a cork-screw soul,
   a water logged brain, a combination backbone of jelly &

                     —  Jack London

1953 -- Russia: First H-bomb explodes.
           Stalin didn't murder a few hundred thousand
           civilians like Beloved & Respected Comrade
           War Criminal Truman
           & the American military, but his reputation for steel
           gonads (& a Gulag to prove it) remained intact.

1955 -- Thomas Mann dies at 80 in Zürich...

1972 -- Colombian Bari Indian leader Maurico
Cobaira  Bobrichora is killed by white settlers.

1975 -- US: Laurance Labadie (1898-1975) dies, aged 78.
Individualist, son of Joseph Labadie.

1982 -- Members of 7th International March beaten by police
for leafleting arms factory workers, San Fernando, Spain.

1992 -- Anarchist, composer & musician John Cage dies,
 New York City.

     "I have nothing to say /
     and I am saying it / and
     that is poetry / as I
     needed it"

            — John Cage

2001 -- US: Seattle's annual Hempfest goes up in smoke once
again while  HemoMeisterRick, turning over a new leaf,
swears he'll never coordinate traffic again.

2008 -- Colombia: Orlando Fals Borda dies, in Bogotá. Researcher
& sociologist, one of the most important Latin American thinkers,
& one of the founders of participatory action research.

        "Action brings knowledge."

Daily Bleed Saint, July 11, 2009
Colombian advocate of "participatory action" education.


       I give you bitter pills
       in sugar coating. The pills
       are harmless; the poison
                       is in the sugar.

                — Stanislaw Lem

   This is often quoted as being by
   Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, a Polish
   writer, from his Unkempt
. Easily confused with
   Lem ...

       — Bleedster Merrill, 2003


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