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The Daily Bleed, Aug. 10, 2013 Jorge Amando

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Short & tall:

                               I dig for my death
                  in this thousand-watt dungheap.
                 There isn't even enough clean air.
                 To die in.
                 O blood-bearded destroyer!

        — Kenneth Patchen, excerpt, Irkalla's White Caves

Brazilian people's novelist. One-time communist.



1680 -- Pueblo Revolt. Pope (San Juan tribe)
attacks New Mexican capital of Santa Fe.

     After more than a decade of preparation, pueblo
     Amerindians all over the Spanish colony of Neuvo
     Mexico rise in revolt, drive out the Spaniards, kill
     21 missionary priests, & burn Santa Fe. They are
     assisted by mestizo workers from the barrio of
     Analco & succeed in liberating the territory from
     foreign rule for 12 years.

1877 -- US Army troops under a Colonel Gibbon attack
a sleeping Nez Perce encampment at Big Hole, Idaho,
killing over 50 women & children. The "American" way.

1878 -- Alfred Döblin lives. German Expressionist novelist
& essayist whose best-known work is Berlin Alexanderplatz.

1893 -- US: Chinese are deported from San Francisco
under the Exclusion Act.

1905 -- US: New-York Tribune reports that a strike at
Federman's bakery on the Lower East Side led to violence
when Federman used scab labor to keep producing, &,

  "Policemen smashed heads left & right with their nightsticks after
  two of their number had been roughly dealt with by the mob..."

  The city has become a battlefield in the sweatshops & elsewhere.

  Poet Edwin Markham wrote in Cosmopolitan magazine
  in 1907,

  "In unaired rooms, mothers & fathers sew by day & by night.
  Those in the home sweatshop must work cheaper than those in the
  factory sweatshops... & the children are called in from play to drive
  & drudge beside their elders....

  Is it not a cruel civilization that allows little hearts & little
  shoulders to strain under these grown-up responsibilities,
  while in the same city, a pet cur is jeweled & pampered &
  aired on a fine lady's velvet lap on the beautiful boulevards?"

   See Howard Zinn, The Twentieth Century:
   A People's History
, pp35-36

1912 -- People's author Jorge Amado lives (-2001), Brazil.

     Amado invents a captain who scares off solitude....

     The captain has never left Brazil, nor set foot on any kind of boat,
     because the sea makes him sick. He sits in the living room of his
     house & the house sails off, drifting farther than Marco Polo or
     Columbus or astronauts ever dreamed.

                                                                     — Eduardo Galeano

1914 -- Australian syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World
(Wobblies) greets the outbreak of war with a front page special:
                                                                   "War is hell!

                  Send the Capitalists to hell & wars are
      impossible ...

               If the politicians of Australia want war, let
             them take their own carcasses to the front line
                           ... if they want blood,


1923 -- US: Carlo Tresca, Italian-American anarchist,
suddenly arrested.

   The charge was that he had printed an article,
   three months before, attacking the Italian monarchy
   & the the Fascists.

   No such crime, of course, is known to American law,
   but Tresca was nevertheless arrested.

    "So far, indeed, but eight persons in all the United States
    have gone to Tresca's aid. Four are Italian-American
    politicians. One is a Liberal pastor. Two are old &
    battle-scarred libertarians, already marked with the
    scars of a hundred defeats. The eighth is La Sanger, the
    birth control agitator, herself an experienced goat of the
    New Jurisprudence. No one else will take any interest
    in the case."

                                 — H. L. Mencken

1935 -- US: Mike Quill & four other union men beaten
up by company thugs & then arrested for assault.

1948 -- Emmy Hennings dies, Sorengo-Lugano, Italy.
Writer/performer associated with the Dada movement.

1968 -- Eight GIs killed by US strafing error in Vietnam.

           "Without censorship,
            things can get terribly
            confused in the
            public mind."

            — Gen. William C. Westmoreland

1975 -- Canada: Prison Justice Day (PJD) originates in
Millhaven penitentiary today when prisoners there
commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Eddie Nalon,
who committed suicide while in solitary confinement.

1981 -- US: Wee-Wee?: Limited public response results in the closing
of the Nixon museum. Says manager Peter Mitchell, "If nothing else,
it's been a good stopping point for people to use the restrooms between
LA & San Diego."

2002 -- "Seaturtles" — a performance-work by Séamas Cain —
performed at dawn by Mary Roe O'Neill at the sea-level megalith
of Creevykeel in County Sligo, Ireland. Mary Roe O'Neill spoke
the words of the script. Then — ritually, throughout Creevykeel
— she guides the audience in a hunt for seaturtles!

2011 -- Philip Levine appointed US Poet Laureate. Gave up his anarchist
principles, he declared with disappointment some years ago, when he
bought a little house up on the hill.

2012 -- Larry McMurtry auctions off the bulk of his used bookstore in Archer
City, Texass. 'The Last Book Sale' for Booked Up Books.


      In your hands, the cities, in my world, the marching
     Of nobler feet than walk down a road
     Deep with the corpses of every sane & beautiful thing.

                   — Kenneth Patchen, excerpt


— anti-NoblerFeet 2013 or thereabouts

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