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APNS /North America [07.01.2014] -- Opinion -- Question: Who is (legally) the 'real' squatter in North America?

No one. Because according to the Canadian system of White Man's justice, pre-Columbian, First Nations autochthonous societies and the Europeans who violently usurped their lands and has attempted, on several occasions, to wipe them out completely, legally speaking, are both 'settlers':
Ian Mulgrew: First Nations mistaken in their celebration of Supreme Court ruling: [] -- 'First they must establish they are the same people who have been living on and using the land forever, and then their rights will be decided by governments through talks or, in the end, by its appointed judges...No longer will rhetoric about government-to-government discussions have currency — Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin decreed “aboriginal title flows from occupation in the sense of regular use of land.”

Many in the Fourth World are consciously choosing to view the court decision as a progressive move towards broader recognition for Aboriginal natural rights. But in truth, what was really won? The actual land in question is virtually useless. And it isn't as if the respective nation(s) involved in the case are literally getting their ancestral territories back either. This was a waste of effort in an attempt to make things look as if the depressive conditions of Indigenous Canada are getting better.

After everything was over, upwards of $40 million Canadian dollars were spent during a year-plus long legal tap dance to achieve very little for First Nations Peoples. On the other hand, in excess of 1000 Indigenous Women in Occupied Canada have been brutally sexually assaulted and/or murdered with hundreds of others remaining on the missing list while First Nations leaders play footsie with the federal government and business community.

If the First Nations leadership in Occupied Canada wants to assimilate their communities into the larger Europocentric society, they should just come out and say so. If these leaders are simply seeking to profit personally from these shoddy deals, again, they should be honest about their intentions. First Nations Peoples have been lied to enough. About everything. Especially from the FN leadership about the passage of colonially-imposed legal disenfranchisement in White Man's courts as 'victories' for the Indigenous when in reality, these 'wins' only further entrench the genocidal and territorial oppression of all the Peoples of the Fourth World.

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