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The Daily Bleed: 7/1 Mikhail Bakunin

Bleeding in full, coupla links,

    Conspirator, anarchist,
    rival of Marx,
    assassin of God.



AND, most importantly, JULY is . . .
Anti-Boredom Month, National Baked Bean Month (Stand Back!) ...

FIRST WEEK: Be Kind To New Jersey Week;
National Canned Luncheon Meat Week
SECOND WEEK: Mosquito Week


1st Thursday: International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest
3RD WEEKEND: International Brick & Rolling Pin Throwing
Tournament (US, UK, Canada, Australia)
LAST SUNDAY: Pile of Bones (Canadian Picnic)


1804 -- George Sand lives French Romantic writer,
life-style anarchiste, noted for numerous love affairs
with such prominent artists as Prosper Merimée, Alfred de
Musset, Frédéric Chopin, & others.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003.
1876 -- Michael Bakunin dies, Berne, Switzerland.

                The liberty of man consists solely in this: that
                he obeys natural laws because he has
                himself recognized them as such, & not
                because they have been externally imposed
                upon him by any extrinsic will whatever,
                divine or human, collective or individual.

                    — Mikhail Bakunin, God & the State
1892 -- US: Homestead Steel Mill strike begins in Pennsylvania,
leading to large-scale battles between workers & anti-labor Pinkerton
agents. Carnegie handed over the operation over to Henry C. Frick, a
frank & brutal union-hater.

1898 -- Jingo Bells?: Macho Teddy Roosevelt
charges up San Juan Hill, more or less.

                Then the Black 10th Cavalry charges Spanish
                 forces & saves Teddy Roosevelt's
                 "Rough Riders."

1910 -- US: July - October, 1910 ILGWU organizes a second
large strike which features 50,000 cloak-makers. Taking their
lead from the women, this mostly male strike wins uniform wages,
a shorter work week, & paid holidays. As a result of the strikes
in 1909 & 1910, the ILGWU swells in membership.

                    And we gave new courage to the men
                    Who carried on in nineteen-ten
                    And shoulder to shoulder we'll win through
                    Led by the ILGWU
                    hail the waistmakers of nineteen-nine
                    making their stand on the picket line,
                    Breaking the power of those who reign
                    Pointing the way, smashing the chain

                    — The Uprising of the 20,000, dedicated to the
                    Waistmakers of 1909

1916 -- US: Social dance & benefit for the defense funds of David
Caplan & Enrique & Ricardo Flores Magón, held in Los Angeles.

1917 -- US: 8000 anti-war marchers demonstrate in Boston.

     The Masses & other periodicals containing antiwar
     articles are soon banned from the mails in the Land of
     of the Free; 65,000 conscientious objectors; 900 imprisoned
     under Espionage Act; 450 arrested in Green Corn anti-draft

     Many workers & radicals jailed or deported, under often
     absurd pretexts, to stifle dissent or bust unions.
     Socialists have made gains in elections, & summer
     antiwar meetings draw 5,000, 10,000, 20,000.
     First open urban riot(?) involving black & white
     youths(?) occurs in East St Louis.
1931 -- Arhoolie Records founder Christian A. Strachwitz,

       "I never really looked at it [ARHOOLIE RECORDS]
       as a business. I only recorded something because I liked
       it. If I even thought it had a commercial potential, I'd
       probably reject it."

1932 -- US: Summer. Farmers in Iowa blockade roads, arm
themselves with pitchforks & shotguns & refuse to allow farm
produce to go to market.

   "If this country ever needed a Mussolini, it needs one now."

                             — David A. Reed, Senator, Pennsylvania

1935 -- Rini Templeton lives. American expatriate artist, activist,
worked closely with Mexican socialist & labor movements.
1954 -- US: In New York City, July 1954, Russell Blackwell,
Esther & Sam Dolgoff form the Libertarian League; included
folk-singer Dave Van Ronk, &, for a short time, Murray Bookchin.
Earlier, in 1949, G.P. Maximoff initiated the Libertarian Book
Club just prior to his death in 1950.

1970 -- US: Women Against Daddy Warbucks
destroy 1-A files in eight New York City draft boards.

1977 -- Native American activist Leonard Peltier is sentenced
to two life sentences for being somewhere in the general proximity
of two armed & dangerous FBI agents who died while attacking an
American Indian Movement encampment.

    The FBI had been terrorizing the Lakota Reservation in a
    COINTELPRO-type operation for some time prior to the shoot-out.

1983 -- Bucky Fuller, Canadian engineer,
inventor, social theorist, dies.

             Invented large golf balls for people to live in.

1997 -- US: David Thoreau Wieck, an anarchist theorist, educator,
& activist, dies. Life-long companion of Diva Agostinelli.

2013 -- The President of the European Parliament demands an explanation
from the US for allegations of spying, while new sources hint that the NSA
could gather information from several European countries & had placed
microphones in the Embassy of Italy to the US. 


    "Freedom without Socialism is privilege & injustice,
    & Socialism without freedom is slavery & brutality"

                               — Mikhail Bakunin


— anti-copyRite 2014

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